Developer Resources

Developer Resources reading research papers is very important to gain proficiency in the blockchain space. Here are a portion of the ones I viewed as interesting:
1. Morning Paper – Blockchain Articles
2. Collection of white papers from ICO

Other types of blockchain development
Therefore, the Ethereum community, by far, has the most developers and learning developer resources. So, this is a good place to start with blockchain development. However, we think you will be leave out if you do not explore other discoveries in space. Below are some interesting projects.

Lisk – makes blockchain development more accessible. After that, everything is built in JavaScript.

EOS – the creator Dan Larimer, has created a few more successful blockchain solutions before starting this project. Moreover, some issues with EOS Ethereum such as scaling and security are supposed to be solved. In short, it is now and again called the “Etherium Killer”.

Interchain Protocols – Moreover, these are some of the solutions that help facilitate transactions between different blockchains. But, there are also interesting solutions to help blockchain scale:
1. Cosmos
2. Polcadt
3. Interlaser

Hyperlaser – An open source collaborative effort to advance cross-industry blockchain technology. It is host by the Linux Foundation.

Hollow – a post-blockchain technology that seeks to solve the problems of scalability. So, centralization in today’s blockchain technology.

Developer Resources of blockchain innovation is ready to alter the way the advanced world handles information and carries on with work. Therefore, originally create as a platform to support Bitcoin. On the other hand, the blockchain demonstrates a level of versatility and security that many sectors of business and government have begun to take notice of and use for their use.