When interacting with Mindchain programs, there are common questions that often come up. Below are resources to help answer these questions.


The next generation Crypto Asset

Mindchain is a Binance-based token, which means that it is compatible with the vast Binance ecosystem. According to the developer, the Binance blockchain was the perfect host for Mindchain. Since, it is secured and well-established, and it allowed the project to stay decentralized. Mindchain is the project’s main currency. It is the token that powers the entire Mindchain ecosystem and has a total supply  and max supply of 71,000,000.

Is MIND a BEP-20 Token?

Mindchain (MIND) has a BEP-20 Token. Mindchain (MIND) token was launched from Turkey on November 2, 2021. Here we know about Mindchin and BEP-20.

Can I send BEP-20 tokens to my Mindchain Wallet?


Mindchain is based on Turkeys, an inventive aBFT arrangement. Additionally, we are making a blockchain natural framework along the whole blockchain advancement stack.

We are creating products that combine cutting-edge technologies for a better now.

It has a total supply and max supply of 71,000,000.

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Other FAQ?

01. DeFi on Mindchain

DeFi on Mindchain is much faster, cheaper, and more reliable and secure than its predecessors.

02. MIND Economy

We from a large community where thousands of analysts and investors come together. All about the economy.

03. MIND Exchange

We are a platform for them to easily create, plan and develop both their own startups and NFT tokens.

04. MIND Mainnet

MIND is building its own mainnet. It will be the most talked about mainnet project of 2022. For detailed information, read the whitepaper.

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