Mindchain Special Giveaway

Mindchain launched a 🎄Merry Christmas🎅 offer for MIND holders. It will be a great and beneficial offer for Mindchain lovers.

This offer starts on 1st November 2022. On 25th December, our Mindchain giveaway team will give the Christmas offer reward to the MIND holders who will hold at least 50 MIND in their wallet. The offer can be avail only from 1st November to 9th November 2022.

🎁Giveaway Offer Conditions🎁

Anyone can get this offer. But you must maintain the conditions. Conditions are:

👉Buy at least 50 MINDs.

👉Keep/hold it for at least 45 days.

Every MIND holder must obey the conditions. If anyone doesn’t maintain the conditions then he will not get the offer.

In this Mindchain giveaway offer, whoever fulfills the conditions will be given 20% extra coins of his held coins.

So, don’t waste time. Buy MIND and hold for 45 days. At the end of December 25, everyone will get 20% extra coins in their wallets.

Info about buying MIND

🔗Mindchain official contract address:


🔗Buy Using PancakeSwap

🔗Buy Using MindchainSwap

🔗Buy Using BiSwap

🔗Buy Using BabyDogeSwap

Contact us to know more:


Note: Every holder has to maintain the conditions.