Explaining The Mindchain Ecosystem

Mindchain is a global decentralized network platform with validators from around the world and individuals from the local area. Mindchain ecosystem comes with varieties projects. Spreading freedom of money and building the infrastructure for the blockchain ecosystem.

Mindchain is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. It offers unmatched speed, security, and reliability. Enjoy almost instant transactions and extremely low fees.

What is Mindchain coin?

Mindchain is the next generation of crypto assets. Mindchain built a Binance-based token, which means that it is compatible with the vast Binance ecosystem. Mindchain project is based in Turkey.

Since it is secured and well-established, it allowed the project to stay decentralized. It is the token that powers the entire Mindchain ecosystem and has a total supply and max supply of 71,000,000.

Mindchain consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability. Enjoy almost instant transactions and extremely low fees.

Mindchain Ecosystem Project Overview

Mindchain launched its own PoA Blockchain. Proof of authority (PoA) is an algorithm used with blockchains that deliver comparatively fast transactions through a consensus mechanism based on identity as a stake.

Mindchain Mainnet is LIVE with the following cool features:

  • Proof of Authority (PoA)
  • EVM Compatibility
  • High Performance and Low Fees
  • Improved Security and Immutability

Mindchain Ecosystem Live Products:

  • Mindchain PoA Blockchain

Mindchain is a cryptocurrency that powers an ecosystem of blockchains designed to scale and interoperate. Our aim is to build an internet of blockchains, a network of blockchains that are able to communicate with each other in a decentralized way. Mindchain is a proof-of-authority chain.

  • Mindchain Block Explorer

Mindchain is another favorite blockchain explorer. Mindchain lets users very quickly see all of the inputs and outputs for any transaction.

  • Mindchain Defi Wallet

Mindchain Wallet provides a generally safe and beginner-friendly way to store your cryptocurrency. In the Mindchain Defi wallet, anyone can buy, stake, farm, and earn MIND coins.

  • Mindchain Native Coin
    • Symbol: MIND
    • Name: Mindchain Coin
    • Network:
      • Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
      • Mind Smart Chain (MIND-20)
    • Decimals: 18
    • Maximum supply: 71,000,000 MIND
    • Total supply: 71,000,000 MIND
    • Contract Address:
      • 0x258Ea33a949D8562A2683e1C54D4bAeAd2949F9E

  • Mindchain Network – MIND20

MIND-20 is a token standard on Mind Smart Chain (MSC) that extends ERC-20, the most common Ethereum token standard.

MIND-20 was conceived as a technical specification for Mind Smart Chain, with the goal of providing a flexible format for developers to launch a range of different tokens.

  • Mindchain Decentralized Exchanges

MindchainSwap is a decentralized exchange native to BNB Chain. On other hand, it shares some similarities with established platforms like UniSwap and PancakeSwap in that users can swap their coins for other coins without the input of middleman services.

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