Special tour offer from Mindchain_Ecosystem

Mindchain offers a special tour for its ambassadors. This is a great offer for Mindchain ambassadors to travel to 3 countries.


📅Duration: January – 2023

Who can participate in the tour offer package?

Anyone can participate. There have 3 conditions. If any ambassador fulfills these three conditions, he/she will get the tour offers. Conditions are…

  • 🧾 Only those who will be new ambassadors can enjoy this tour offer. The new Ambassador period is from 1 December 2022 to 25 December 2022.
  • 📜 2 new ambassadors to be direct. However, older coin holders need to purchase a minimum of 30,000 MIND coins to become ambassadors.
  • 📃 In addition, each ambassador must direct business of $10,000.

📌 Special attractive tour program for you by fulfilling these three simple conditions. 🎉


😎Are you ready for the tour ⁉😎


🌐Telegram➡ https://t.me/mindchainMIND


🎉Thank You🎉

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