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Introduction to Bogged Finance

Bogged Finance is a suite of advanced trading tools for decent loans in Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Finance ecosystem has a number of title features, including a trading tool that allows users to transact on tokens that otherwise limit the size of most transactions, as well as revolutionary trailing stop-loss, the first of which.

What is Bogged Finance?

Bogged Finance is a research and ordering platform for any token of Binance smart chain. It is pack with advanced trading functionality and tools so that users can get the best out of BSC. Unlike some DeFi platforms, which only mimic the tools and features of other platforms. It aims to create a unique tool with a real utility like their Token Launch Sniper. This feature is design to enable bogged finance users to capitalize on any token listed on Pancake Swap.

Bogged Finance’s token swap, BOGSwap, is similarly advance. It automatically routes trades via ApeSwap, PancakeSwap v1 and v2 to find the best possible DEX for any transaction. It will do extra mile and route transactions through various exchanges to get the best possible results.

More advanced features

This Finance recently launch BOGSwap Advanced, a tool specifically design for the reality of DeFi token trading. Which often limits the number of tokens that can be exchange for a single. BOGSwap can automatically detect the above trading limits for a token, or users can select the limits themselves. While enabling high-level premium transaction limit bypass, mid-level premium services allow users to limit their trade within token limits.